counterfeit drugs

19 February 2018

FAQ About Counterfeit Drugs

 S.1. What is Counterfeit Drugs? All drugs packaged and labeled under the […]
11 February 2018

Counterfeit Medicine Kills!

According to the World Health Organization, more than 120,000 people die each […]
20 January 2018

The Impact of Counterfeit Drugs on Supply Chain : Global Assessment

One of the most pressing challenges we face as a result of […]
4 December 2017

TITCK Vice President Fatih Tan tells: How to recognize counterfeit drugs?

23 October 2017

Counterfeits in Pharmaceutical Industry

Today, counterfeit drugs, despite the technological advances, are damaging millions of people’s […]
11 September 2017

Counterfeit Medicines: Developments in EU

No matter how advanced, no country has fully recovered from the problems […]