Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System is on mobile!

With Pharmaceutical Track&Trace (İTS) Mobile application, every person can now check their medicine’s information with the data matrix at any time, anywhere.

Users can check if the medicines are counterfeit, recalled and/or expired with the help of Pharmaceutical Track&Trace Mobile application.

İTS Mobile includes the current price information of the drug.

The current price information of the medicine can be seen on the app!

İTS Mobile informs recalls

The user can access to the information about whether or not the medicine is being recalled due to any cause such as harmful substance, side effect detection, etc.) via Mobile App.

İTS Mobile prevents the use of expired products

With Pharmaceutical Track&Trace Mobile app, it is possible to avoid problems that may arise due to the use of expired medications are easily avoided.

İTS Mobile prevents the use of counterfeit drugs

The user can inquire about drugs using Pharmaceutical Track&Trace mobile app and can find out if the medicine is registered in the Ministry of Health.

How does İTS Mobile App works?

It is necessary to be connected to the internet in order to use the mobile app. With help of the data matrix reading system in Pharmaceutical Track&Trace Mobile, the inquiry process becomes easy and practical.

Manual Query Feature

By writing the barcode and serial numbers to the relevant fields in the app, an inquiry can be made manually.

Camera Scan Feature

By scanning the data matrix on the medication box with the phone camera, inquiry can be made for the medicine's information.

Answers from the app

When the drug is questioned with the application, the system can show 4 different answers:

  • "Your medication is registered in the system": This result is showed when there is no problem with the medicine
  • "The expiration date of this medicine has passed and you should inform the pharmacist you received the medicine": This result shows if medicine is expired.
  • "The medicine is not registered in the system, please report the situation": this result is showed when the medicine is not registered in the system. With this message the "Notify" button appears in the screen. The user can report this situation to the control center.
  • "The medicine has been recalled from the market and its use is discouraged. Inform the pharmacist you received the medicine": The result of the medication is the result of a decision.