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8 December 2017

Effective Pharmaceutical Recalls

Product recalls are a process that all companies are trying to prevent, […]
4 December 2017

TITCK Vice President Fatih Tan tells: How to recognize counterfeit drugs?

27 November 2017

FDA Approved The First Digital Drug, Abilify MyCite

FDA approved the first digital drug, Abilify MyCite on 14 November 2017 […]
21 November 2017

8. Rational Drug Use Provincial Coordinators Evaluation Meeting

In the scope of Rational Drug Use National Plan of Action 2014-2017, […]
16 November 2017

The Importance of Medicine Identifiers

It should be determined which institutions should use track and trace technologies […]
6 November 2017

Pharmaceutical Track&Trace Systems in Turkey & the World

As the pharmaceutical industry is a growing market, precautions that are taken […]
30 October 2017

Health Technology Assessment In Turkey

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a systematic assessment of the use […]
23 October 2017

Counterfeits in Pharmaceutical Industry

Today, counterfeit drugs, despite the technological advances, are damaging millions of people’s […]
20 October 2017

3. Rational Antibiotic Use Trainer Coordination Meeting

3. Rational Antibiotic Use Trainer Coordination Meeting was held on 9-10th October, […]