Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System

Tracks all products which are mentioned in Regulation of the Medicinal Products for human use Labeling and Packaging. According to the regulation, the Pharmaceutical Trace&Track System covers medical nutrition medicines with prescribed and non-prescribed medicines. In this matter, each medicine that has a sale and consumption process is under the scope of Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System.

Prescription Medicines

Medicines that can purchase only with given prescriptions by medical doctors and only pharmacies can sell those products.

Non-prescription Medicines

Medicines can sold both with prescription and non-prescription and only purchased from pharmacies. Non-prescription medicines must have a license otherwise it is forbidden to sale without a license.

Medical Nutrition Products

Named as “Dietary Supplement” and they have protection and growing support features also they are used as nutrition support to patients. Those products named as “Medical Nutrition Products” when patients use them as a result of medical reasons.

Some medical nutrition products are accepted as reimbursable by reimbursement institutions and so they are required registration to the system. Therefore, Medical Nutrition Products are included into Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System. Other nutrition products are out of the scope.

Stakeholders within the scope




Pharmacy Warehouses


Consumption Centers

Hospitals, healthcare centers, Polyclinics, Family Doctors etc.



Reimbursement Institutions