Globalization is a difficulty when we consider the fight against fast growing technology, increasing costs, fake and counterfeit medicines.

Globalization makes the international transportation of fake and counterfeit medicines easier. Besides, as it makes the supply chains more complex the improper use in the system is getting increased.

Fake medicine producers, integrating new technologies into their systems, are easily sustain their works.

As a result of increasing costs, developed countries move their production units to low cost countries (regions) and it increases the risk of fake medicine production and medicine smuggling.

Serialization, is a term in pharmaceutical industry against counterfeiting. Serialization is applied on each medicine box with giving a unique data matrix code in Turkey.

Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System, records every single medicine, beginning from producer/importer to the last user, in all phases. Thereby, it blocks the entry of fake medicines into the system and provides clean supply chain.

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