The actions that stakeholders can make according to the information given in the diagram; purchase of drugs, sales of drugs, return of the drugs, declaration of consumption (for consumption centers), verification.

System Principles

Production Notification

Production notification is the entry of a product in to the system. Without production notification, drugs cannot be entered in the system and any of the drugs with the data matrix code can be sold.
System Principles

Manufacturer/Importer Sale Notification

After the production or import notification a certain period of time may pass before the sale of the products and these products may wait in the storage for a long time. For this reason, manufacturer/importer has to make a sale notification when selling the products. Unreported products will not appear on the system and cannot be sold without the sale notification.
System Principles

Import Notification

Import notification is a must to sell the imported drugs. Without the notification, imported drugs cannot be seen on the system and cannot be sold.
System Principles

Wholesaler Sale Notification

Just like the manufacturer, wholesalers have to give sale notification. After wholesaler's sale notification, products can enter the pharmacy's inventory and be sold to the end user.
System Principles

Pharmacy Sale Notification

Pharmacy sales start when prescription information is entered into the system. By making prescription entry to the system, a provision is requested from the reimbursement agency. After the provision request the drugs in the prescription should be entered in the system.

If the system's check finds the sales notification positive then sale can be done. After the check, pharmacy can request a provision for the prescription from the reimbursement agency. This process can be done with "Prescription Sale Confirmation" better known as "Prescription Confinement".

After notifying the prescription to the reimbursement agency, the medicines are investigated by the agency with the Pharmaceutical Track&Trace system and an investigation is started according to the information received.

At the same time when the data matrix is read during the sales process, the expiration date is also checked. If the expiration date has passed, the product can not be sold.

To prevent the resale of a sold product, pharmacies are also required to notify the system of the sale of over-the-counter medicines. In order to avoid the suspension from the reimbursement agencies, every product, prescription or non-prescription, should be reported.

System Principles


This process shows if a product can or cannot be sold. If a product is shown available in a different pharmacy there will be an investigation for the real place of the said product.

Product's registrations are kept with the sale notifications. With this database, inconsistencies with the registrations can be found. The nonconforming product is deemed to be counterfeit and the unit for which the inconsistency arises is held accountable for fraud.

System Principles


Deactivation is the process of removing products from the system due to various reasons (recall, disposal, etc.). With this operation, deactivated products can not be returned to the system.
System Principles

Purchase Return Notification

The purchase return notification is made by the purchaser, if delivered products are returned for any reason. Purchase return notification is important for ensuring the traceability of the products in the system.
System Principles

Purchase Confirmation

If the product is delivered without problems, it is reported to the system. In system design, purchase confirmation use is optional.

In pharmacies, the purchase confirmation notification is received when the sales transaction takes place. Because of this, it is not necessary to approve the purchase of the products given in case of emergency, but for the sale of the remaining products that cannot be done immediately, it is necessary to notify the purchase of the products concerned.

System Principles

Purchase Offer

Due to any reason of delivery of the goods, the purchase of goods is made in case of disadvantage. The product made from the refund is removed from the place where the refund is made and delivered to the company that sold the product. Notification of return of goods is important for ensuring the traceability of the products in the system.
System Principles

Sales Return Notification

The sales return notification is made by the salesman, if delivered products are returned for any reason. With this notification, it is verified whether the sold products are the same as the returned products.

System Principles

Consumption Notification

Consumables are the products that are used in a process and are not reusable. In this situation, every box of medicine is used for multiple patients so traceability is not possible for consumables in consumption centers (hospitals, health centers, family medicine clinics, polyclinics, etc.). Also for the consumption centers, the reimbursement of the products are made in unit dose. Because of this reasons preventing the resale of used medicines is not possible with sales notification. For this reason, it has been decided by the Ministry of Health Administrators that it is better for the consumption centers to make consumption notification instead of sales notification. Since the products, for which the consumption notifications are made, are recorded in the system as such and they cannot be used or sold elsewhere.