Entry of fake medicines into the system and frauds of reimbursement institutions with those fake medicines are serious problems that affect the globe. In the past, frauds as re-printing of medicine strips, re-selling the same medicines many times with different packages, which were sold to reimbursement institutions before, has been caused high damages in reimbursement institutions and therefore in the state.

Manually prepared prescriptions and reimbursements have required too much labor force and intense work and led up the medicine strip fraud with more than millions of prescriptions and medicine strips. Moreover, clipped medicine strips have been caused mistrust on users.

All produced/imported medicines are recorded by Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System and barcoded medicine boxes which became mandatory to use in 2010 in Turkey. Hence, all kinds of medicine production, sale, costs and return processes are automatically done.

Medicine tracking became automatically and clipping medicine strips ended with Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System.

The system controls the sale of a medicine only once with receiving sale approval from reimbursement institutions and notifications from producer/importer, pharmacy warehouse and pharmacies. Besides, it prevents the medicine strip frauds for decades.

The end of clipped medicine box sale extinguishes the mistrust of users. Besides preventing clipping fraud, automatic medicine record leads the need of human resources from reimbursement institutions to required departments, so it helped a significant decrease in costs and work load. Institutions and the state gained financial favor with this system.

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