Blocks fake and counterfeit medicine use.

Fake and counterfeit medicine use appears as a major problem in world medicine market for many years. Tens of thousands of people are dying because of using fake medicines. In this matter, people’s trust to medicine market, producer, and institutions that sale medicines had been diminished in years. Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System uses 2D Data Matrix to prevent the entry of fake and counterfeit medicine use into the system in the beginning of production phase. Thus, all possible financial and emotional damages are blocked by the system.

Besides, using 2D Data Matrix code system determines the source of fake/counterfeit medicine frauds and prevents the fraud, if repeated, in future.

Tracks the side effects of medicines and use of terms may change

Pharmaceutical Track&Trace System records the side effects of medicines in use by user and transfers those data into the system. Ministry of Health authorities analyze transferred data. System controls the medicines that have very often side effects, high damage/benefit ratio and recalls if it is necessary.

Blocks the sale of recalled medicines

For any reason (defective manufacturing, very often side effects and lasting impacts etc.) it provides pulling process of recalled medicines from the market and their annihilation. When the information of recalled medicines is sent to the system the medicine sale stops and it gathers the medicines for annihilation.

Follows the expiry date of drugs

The sale and use of drugs with the expired dates is prevented by the warnings given by the system. When the barcode is registered to the system, the system is notified of the expired date and sales will be blocked. This prevents the sale of drugs that are not safe to use.


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